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Celtic Connections can be a frame of mind or the mystic in your soul and we all have a little of that! If you're fascinated by mythology and believe there must be some solid truth behind the old stories, this is the place for you. You can share your experiences and if you're actively exploring or experiencing a reconnection to the unseen or almost seen mysteries of life, if you just feel happy to look up at the patterns tree branches and clouds make against the sky, you have a Celtic Connection and really need to get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you, no matter


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    Living in the most beautiful city in the world, London of course! Now that I think about it, got two of the most beautiful sons (inside and out). Shame about the Twowahah, who exists to plague the life out of the Border Collie.

    Coco. One of God's most beautiful creatures.


    May 2011



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