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Much excitement over my new book cover and with a few revisions "Excalibur The Legend" is due to be republished on Amazon and hopefully published on Smashwords for the first time. Amazon appear to have some censor going on, not so Smashwords & the amount of Erotica available is simply eyeboggling. Reminds me of that "Family Guy" episode where one of the characters (Cleveland? not too sure of its name) discovers porn on the internet and disappears for days reappearing with vastly pumped up forearm muscles. Is porn or 'erotica' purely a guy thing? What folk get up to behind closed doors is their biz. So long as everyone involved is adult and agreeable. But I'll share any fantasy, so long as its not sexual. Oranges and apples I guess. With a few peaches thrown in.



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    Living in the most beautiful city in the world, London of course! Now that I think about it, got two of the most beautiful sons (inside and out). Shame about the Twowahah, who exists to plague the life out of the Border Collie.

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