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Where to find free books on-line - Many many classics have been  /are being digitalised and placed on-line - because they are out of copyright many are offered free. E-books have also opened the door to a new wave of Indie Publishers and Authors who can tell a great story but otherwise might not have found a voice.
The main players are listed below in no particular order:

Smashwords! Fresh fiction and non-fiction from Indie Publishers

OK - my personal favourite - take your choice of downloading in ten different formats. So whether you've got the latest gadet or want to read straight from your computer screen - there's something for everyone. Mainly Indie authors, so you can discover the next J K Rowling or Lee Child before the big boys & gals. Mixture of free and pay, but generous samples available. Wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Click here


Free books from Indie publishers and authors, free classic books. Mainly formatted for Amazon's own success story, the Kindle. Which frankly is the greatest invention since the Germans first hit us with moveable type. There are some people who actually kiss their Kindle good night. Can you believe that? (It is very cuddly). Click here

Google E Books

At present, Google have a wide range of classics and out of copyright books and magazines available either to read on line, or download to your reading device. At present, only American account holders can purchase books although this should be rolled out to include other sites soon. Be warned! The out of copyright magazine section is addictive! Click here

Project Gutenberg

Over 33,000 free classics and more every day thanks to an army of volunteers! Click here